Programs for celebration and re-connection


Ghandarva Experience
Contacting the Celestial Realm through Heart-centered Invocation. The word Ghandarva comes from the yoga tradition and is an angelic being that offers music to the celestial realm as an act of love and gratefulness. Drawing on teaching from the Vedas and scientific studies we will use a toning, singing or chanting process to invoke the manifestations of the divine. Within this context we will then elevate our vibration, open our voices and our hearts in a Harmonic Choir that honors the universal divine within all traditions. Please join us in creating a Ceremony of Sound and experience the subtle realm of sound healing.

• Meet some loving folks.
• Hear teachings and background on the Ghandarva Ceremony.
• Share an opening prayer and invocation for meditation.
• Participate in heart-centered sounding.
• Create the possibility of healing.

Movement & Meditation
Join us for a dynamic meditation technique from Osho.Dynamic = effort, activity, change.
Meditation = silence, no effort, no activity.
Dynamic + meditation = contradiction or a dialectical meditation. Using Osho’s dynamic meditation techniques you will bring your total energy to work, to be active, moving. Ultimately your whole energy will be called forth to be a movement so that no energy will be left static within you. With nothing left behind, all the frozen parts of energy become melting, flowing. In this moving you can become a cyclone, and then become alert. Mindful. In this cyclone you can suddenly re-member, and find a center which is absolutely silent. This center of the cyclone is you, you in your divinity, you as god.You are not a frozen thing now; you have become dynamic.

You are not like substance now; you are more like energy.
You are not material; you have become electrical.

Osho Celebrations!
A happening for blissful connections through movement, music and meditation! A festive atmosphere to nourish the expanding Buddhafield of awareness! Intimate exchange unfolds!Beloveds gather to move into a deepening through different aspects of moving energy through the body for clearing, centering and experiencing the peace of meditation. Based on the Book of Secrets, spirit of Sufism, Kundalini energy raising, and trance-dance.

Mindful Music Meditation
Let’s gather and sink deep into being, listening, watching our breath. Feeling the air, the sun, hearing the wind, birds, vibrations of existence within and without. Together we will prepare our energy fields by going within to meditate. From this still space we will then emerge and exchange sounds. To play, sing, and rattle, and communicate non-verbally with of awareness enjoying instruments, toys, simple objects. A give and take, an inhale and exhale, a sounding and listening swirling as the player and the played become one. Format to include 30 minute opening sitting meditation followed by 60 minutes of spontaneous sound and music making. Closing circle of intentional drum offering for peace to conclude this 2 hour event.

Laughter Yoga
Laughter IS medicine AND meditation. Through laughing, clapping, breathing, stretching and playful contact, participants awaken the body’s energy meridians, and the energy of the belly. A Laugh-in begins with physical and non-verbal interactive rounds of games accented with yogic stretching and breathing exercises. Once energized the program moves into an unstructured laughing meditation session to clear and ground. Each of Shanti’s Laughter Yoga programs ends with a group energy raising blessing invoking gratitude and affirming the our blessings.

Laughter Zen Experience
Deepen the space of connection to others, and your own inner peace, with a longer laughing yoga meditation program. Based on the Laughter Yoga session, this experience will also begin with playful interactive laughing rounds, then moving into a longer period of non-verbal catharsis and silent meditation. The program then completes with a tantric approach through eye contact, and attention to the senses and grounding to the body-world.

Sacred Sound Series
An on-going weekly class to engage the energies contained within each mantra or sound within the Vedic Yoga tradition. Many seekers often chant or sing, enjoying kirtans or other sacred musical experiences. A mantra is given, explained briefly and groups begin. Is a simple one sentence explanation of a mantra enough? What is your own personal relationship to the energy or power behind the syllable or the mantra? How can you access the essence of the mantra, release it’s power if you have not been fully introduced to the form behind the words. Let’s study and delve into the depths within a set of mantras. Using meditation, shamanic journeying, ritual and dialogue we will look at the primary pantheon of chants and mantras often engaged in a yoga environment.

Ashtanga Sangha Study
An on-going weekly study group to deepen one’s personal path with the Eight Limbs or facets of Raja yoga. Identified as Ashtanga Yoga in the classical time of Patanjali, today we have the benefit of these limbs to guide us into balanced living. Each week will be dedicated towards one limb and will cover: Yamas or Self-disciplines; Niyamas or Obervances; Asanas or yoga poses and postures; Pranayama or extension of breathing; Pratyahara or turning one’s mental focus inward; Dharana or concentration; Dhyana or effortless uninterrupted flow; Samadhi or enlightenment.

Shamanic Yoga Lab and the Bifa Asana Series
Experimental!! Move through a vinyasa or yoga asana sequence and be accompanied by shamanic drumming and mantras designed to create stages of meditation, trance, and connection to the divine. Imagine Sun Salutations set to mantras and sounds with intentions to support each pose in its higher alignment. Imagine poses held with intention and breathing and augmented by shamanic drumming to create a doorway to unity consciousness. Imagine!

Creativity Exchange – A Variety Showcase
An evening of presentations, creations, collaborations with musicians, poets, artists, dancers, philosophers and more. Come to watch and listen or participate in a Harmonic Choir, Mindful Music Jam, Improv and Games, Networking, Works in Progress. Bring CDs, art, flyers to exchange.



Tarot Mandala Readings
Shanti works with Osho Tarot and the Aquarian deck to create a life mandala. The life spread of cards is seen as a pattern for a person’s life and reflects what is in balance or in need of integration. These sign posts are translated into a recipe or set of actions and affirmations to reset a person’s natural birthright. Full healing sessions are 1 ½ hours – 2  hours. Mini-readings of 20-30 minutes are available for opening to new directions.Bunny Healings

Bunny Healings!
What? You may ask. Bunny Healings are something that can’t be explained, but must be experienced. Imagine being enveloped in light fluffy clouds of joy, love and a simple purity of spirit. Allowing yourself to surrender and be child-like, to be held gently as a child in the arms of the divine, to receive. Behind every sorrow or tear is a place that seeks gentle acceptance and affection. Allow the spirit of the Bunny in it’s fluffy fuzzy softness to smooth your soul.


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